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July 1, 2021

Bow Valley College | Available Intakes, Offer Letter, Courses & Fee Details

Bow Valley College has delighted itself since 1965 it’s also known for its beautiful campus paths to popular restaurants, It’s a student-focused community college that is immensely diverse, the college has proven its quality of education repeatedly. Its DLI Number is O19273769422.  The college diversity can be seen across the breadth and depth of their programming scope, excellence in academic quality including foundational skills development, and English language learning for international students. The college offers a wide range of educational certificate and diploma programs in health care, community services, business, and creative technologies, logistics and many of their career programs include work experience by this the students will get hands-on experience before they graduate.

All About Bow Valley College in Alberta, Canada | Campus, Tuition Fee, Offer Letter, IELTS/PTE Requirements, Courses, Refund Policy & more

If one is already a degree holder, the post-diploma certificates give students the fast, focused skills to keep moving forward in their career. Programs are designed in partnership with industry leaders to make sure the skills they teach are the skills employers want. Bow Valley’s experienced instructors want to see students reach their goals. So, get ready for an exciting career journey with programs that get students job-ready in one or two years, support services that set them up for success and flexible learning options that fit their life.


It has always been the endeavor of the college that the students experience the best campus life in Bow Valley College. For which the college offer volunteer break, student events, student services, workshops, and engagement activities to make the best of student’s time at Bow Valley College. These Activities and programming are specially designed to grant international and Canadian students to connect develop intercultural skills and build strength through volunteer opportunities


  1. CALGARY DOWNTOWN – Bow Valley College, 345 – 6 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4V1


For admission in Bow Valley College, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria, mentioned below.


Minimum Level of Education Required: Grade 12 / Senior Secondary School with Min Percentage of 50.0% overall.

IELTS: Overall 6.0 or above, with no band less than 6.0

TOEFL iBT: TOEFL: 550 (paper-based) or 83 (Internet-based)

PTE: Overall 59 or above

Duolingo: Overall 95 (including no individual band below 90)


Minimum Level of Education Required: Bachelors Degree or 2-Years UG Diploma with Min Percentage of 65.0% overall.

IELTS: Overall 6.0 or above, with no band less than 6.0

TOEFL iBT: TOEFL: 550 (paper-based) or 83 (Internet-based)

PTE: Overall 59 or above

Duolingo: Overall 110 (including no individual band below 90)


To study at bow Valley College one must search for the available intakes for the program you have selected, so the college’s mainly provides you three major intakes January 2022/May 2022/Sept 2022. For International applicants, Sept intake is most recommendable as this intake provides most of the variety of Programs.


The College releases its offer in a Maximum of 6 to 8 weeks for which the application will be $140 CAD (non-refundable). If you apply Offer Letter with ASV then you only have to pay $125 CAD.


Below is the list of all the available programs at Bow Valley College in Alberta, Canada.

2 Years College Diploma

  1. Business Administration – Digital Marketing (Optional Co-op) (BADM) – TUITION FEE – $16,800.00 CAD
  2. Business Administration – General Business (Optional Co-op) (BAGB) – TUITION FEE – $15,500.00 CAD
  3. Business Administration – Integrated Marketing and Communications (Optional Co-op) (BAM) – TUITION FEE – $16,216.00 CAD
  4. Digital Design (DD) – TUITION FEE – $23,452.00 CAD
  5. Information Technology Systems (ITS) – TUITION FEE – $20,768.00 CAD
  6. Justice Studies – Correctional Studies (JSCS) – TUITION FEE – $14,077.00 CAD
  7. Legal Assistant (LAD) – TUITION FEE – $12,877.00 CAD
  8. Software Development (SD) – TUITION FEE – $18,476.00 CAD
  9. Addiction Studies – Aboriginal Focus (AASD) – TUITION FEE – $11,888.00 CAD
  10. Business Administration – Event Management (Optional Co-op) (BAEM) – TUITION FEE – $15,904.00 CAD
  11. Business Administration – Human Resources (Optional Co-op) (BAHR) – TUITION FEE – $15,500.00 CAD
  12. Business Administration – Supply Chain Management (Optional Co-op) (BASC) – TUITION FEE – $15,500.00 CAD
  13. Disability Studies (DCSD) – TUITION FEE – $14,433.00 CAD
  14. Interior Decorating (IDMD) – TUITION FEE – $13,509.00 CAD
  15. Justice Studies – General Justice (JSG) – TUITION FEE – $12,464.00 CAD
  16. Pharmacy Technician (PTE) – TUITION FEE – $14,371.00 CAD
  17. Business Administration – Accounting (BAA) (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $15,500.00 CAD
  18. Business Administration – Financial Services (Optional Co-op) (BAFS) – TUITION FEE – $15,500.00 CAD
  19. Business Administration – Insurance and Risk Management (Optional Co-op) (BARM) – TUITION FEE – $16,025.00 CAD
  20. Child and Youth Care (CYCD) – TUITION FEE – $16,611.00 CAD
  21. Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) – TUITION FEE – $13,370.00 CAD
  22. Justice Studies – Aboriginal Focus (JSAF) – TUITION FEE – $12,826.00 CAD
  23. Justice Studies – Law Enforcement (JSLE) – TUITION FEE – $12,440.00 CAD
  24. Social Work (SW) – TUITION FEE – $20,009.00 CAD

Post-Diploma Certificate (PG Programs)

  1. Software Development (SDP) – TUITION FEE – $19,721.00 CAD
  2. Health and Human Services Management (HHSM) – TUITION FEE – $15,235.00 CAD
  3. Cybersecurity (CSP) – TUITION FEE – $33,786.00 CAD
  4. Kitchen and Bath Design (KBD) – TUITION FEE – $19,772.00 CAD


The College works for 5 days per week and the duration of the class will be depending on the subject, otherwise, minimum duration will be 4 hours, the student can also avail the facility of online classes due to covid-19 which is totally depending on your choice for attending the type of class. The class attending percentage must be 80% of your academic year.


All refund requests are subjected to deductions of the non-refundable portion of the tuition deposit and Administrative fee which is $ 140 CAD.

All refunds are in Canadian dollars. The college does not assume responsibility for the impact of foreign currency exchange, bank fees, or related matters outside our control. All eligible refundable fees will be issued to the same credit card with which fees were paid. Please consider this when using a credit card for payment, this includes if someone is paying on your behalf. If paying with a pre-paid credit card, it is important to keep that card in case a refund is due. For fees paid through wire transfer, refunds will be issued via wire transfer for applicants outside of Canada and via cheque for applicants within Canada. Check the International Refund Guidebook.

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If you want to apply feel free to contact us: Call or Whatsapp: +91 700 932 4704, E-mail: [email protected] or fill the form given below.

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