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July 14, 2021

Capilano University | Campus, Courses, Intakes, IELTS & Refund Policy

The Capilano University, the University that doesn’t need any introduction as its name is enough, which is Founded in 1968, Capilano College is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, The university beauty and its site seen is just outstanding which Surrounded by a lush forest and fresh mountain air, the campus is meant in such a way that it always inspire the students who are willing to learn and grow. The university combines both traditional university programs, including philosophy, English, and physics with more unique fields of study including outdoor recreation management, jazz studies, and motion picture arts. The University offers English Language, certificates, diplomas, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s degrees, and post-graduate diploma programs. Across its campuses, Capilano University (DLI: O19280078102) has approximately 9,566 full-time students enrolled, with about 3,240 of those being international students.

Capilano University delighted itself with its hands-on approach to learning and problem-solving. The university offers students small, precise, interactive classes that are lifted up towards both learnings about and addressing real-world challenges. The supportive faculty are always stand by the student to help students build the skills, knowledge, and experience to launch their career with confidence through individual attention and personalized learning. It is the target of Capilano University to ensure that their students come first – both while at Capilano, and throughout the workforce.


The University is always up to something happening, something exciting to do. Every student who thinks of the university has a dream to live an extraordinary life, which is only possible at Capilano University, from student clubs and peer mentoring opportunities to film screenings and live performances at the BlueShore Theatre, there’s no shortage of student activities available both on and off-campus. The Capilano University considers each of its students a part of a growing community of lifelong learners. Their skilled instructors are professionals who practice what they teach in the field. Classes have 25 students on average, so instructors can give individualized support and attention to every student in a class.

Workforce Connections & Experiential Learning: Capilano University instructors have credentials in fields from business and music to applied behavior analysis and tourism, with connections forged through years of work experience within their respective fields. Many Capilano programs offer practical, work-integrated learning experiences in the form of co-op and work practicum placements.


Capilano University has the four most famous campuses which attract many international applicants for its excellence in education and well-experienced faculty. Below are the Campuses you can choose for yourself too

  1. CapU Main Campus: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC
  2. CapU Lonsdale: 250 – 125 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver, BC, V7L 0G5
  3. Sunshine Coast Campus: 5627 Inlet Avenue, PO Box 1609, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0
  4. Learning Centre: 125 Lillooet Lake Road, Mount Currie, B.C., V0N 2K0


To study at the Capilano University the applicant firstly needed to apply for his/her letter of admission for the selected program by providing necessary documents for admission for which application fee will be $135 CAD which is non-refundable, after paying your application fee the applicant needed to wait for minimum 25 working days for University to releases its offer letter.


If an applicant wants to take admission in the Undergraduate level of program Capilano University the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria, mentioned below for UG.


Minimum Level of Education Required is class 12th with min 50.0% marks

English Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Listening: 6.0, Min Reading: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0)
  • TOEFL iBT: 83
  • Duolingo English Test Score: 110 (Only for Conditional Offer Letter)
  • PTE overall: 56


Minimum Level of Education Required: 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree with min GPA: 50.0%, and English Proficiency Requirements are the same as above for UG & Bachelors program


University Diploma

  1. Communication Studies- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  2. Visual Effects for Film, Streaming & Immersive Media – TUITION FEE – $33,561.00 CAD
  3. Academic Studies- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  4. Associate of Arts- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  5. Outdoor Recreation Management (Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $23,867.00 CAD
  6. Technical Theatre- TUITION FEE – $21,076.00 CAD
  7. Associate of Arts – Creative Writing- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  8. Associate of Science- TUITION FEE – $19,424.00 CAD
  9. Acting for Stage and Screen- TUITION FEE – $21,498.00 CAD
  10. 2D Animation and Visual Development- TUITION FEE – $28,478.00 CAD
  11. Community Leadership and Social Change- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  12. Early Childhood Care and Education- TUITION FEE – $19,728.00 CAD
  13. Music- TUITION FEE – $20,732.00 CAD
  14. Paralegal- TUITION FEE – $20,646.00 CAD
  15. Tourism Management (Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $18,990.00 CAD
  16. Associate of Arts – English- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  17. Associate of Science – Biology- TUITION FEE – $19,424.00 CAD
  18. Arts and Entertainment Management- TUITION FEE – $17,452.00 CAD
  19. 3D Animation for Film and Games- TUITION FEE – $32,827.00 CAD
  20. Costuming for Stage and Screen- TUITION FEE – $27,925.00 CAD
  21. Engineering Transition- TUITION FEE – $20,638.00 CAD
  22. Musical Theatre- TUITION FEE – $24,180.00 CAD
  23. Rehabilitation Assistant- TUITION FEE – $19,121.00 CAD
  24. Tourism Management International- TUITION FEE – $22,344.00 CAD
  25. Associate of Arts – Psychology- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  26. Accounting Assistant- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  27. Business Administration- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD

Bachelors’s Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Kinesiology – TUITION FEE – $18,570.00 CAD
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  3. Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood Care and Education- TUITION FEE – $19,728.00 CAD
  4. Bachelor of Music – Jazz Studies – Performance/Composition- TUITION FEE – $23,651.00 CAD
  5. Bachelor of Tourism Management (Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $18,788.00 CAD
  6. Bachelor of Communication Studies- TUITION FEE – $18,210.00 CAD
  7. Bachelor of Legal Studies – Paralegal- TUITION FEE – $18,490.00 CAD
  8. Bachelor of Music – Jazz Studies – Education- TUITION FEE – $23,651.00 CAD
  9. Bachelor of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies- TUITION FEE – $18,508.00 CAD
  10. Bachelor of Arts – Applied Behaviour Analysis – Autism- TUITION FEE – $18,508.00 CAD
  11. Bachelor of Design – Visual Communication- TUITION FEE – $24,886.00 CAD
  12. Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts- TUITION FEE – $29,483.00 CAD
  13. Bachelor of Music Therapy- TUITION FEE – $23,206.00 CAD

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Programs

  1. Early Childhood Care and Education – TUITION FEE – $21,008.00 CAD
  2. Global Hospitalty and Tourism Management – TUITION FEE – $20,252.00 CAD
  3. North American Business Management – TUITION FEE – $25,025.00 CAD
  4. Applied Behaviour Analysis – Autism- TUITION FEE – $15,619.00 CAD
  5. North American Business Management Applied- TUITION FEE – $25,025.00 CAD


The university works for 4 days per week and the duration of the class will be depending on the subject, the class schedules are very flexible which helps international students to chose their batch accordingly, otherwise, the minimum duration will be 4 hours, the student can also avail the facility of online classes due to covid-19 which is totally depending on your choice for attending the type of class. The class attending percentage must be achieved in order to get a successful degree from the university of your academic year.


All refund requests are subjected to deductions of the non-refundable portion of the tuition deposit and Administrative fee.
If you’ve been denied a study permit/visa and are unable to attend Capilano University as a result, you’ll be refunded the full amount of your deposit. Where a student is found to have provided fraudulent documentation as part of their study permit/visa application, a full refund will not be issued.

International students are refunded all fees assessed for that term and subsequent terms paid in advance, less non-refundable fees,  At very first the student needs to provide the reason for the refund i.e. to provide a refusal letter by IRCC to the college or the other reason to apply for the refund.

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If you want to apply feel free to contact us: Call or Whatsapp: +91 700 932 4704, E-mail: [email protected] or fill the form given below.

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