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January 7, 2022

Carleton University | Ranking, Tuition Fee, IELTS, Intakes, Refund Policy

Carleton University is a public research university located in beautiful Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Founded in 1942, situated just minutes away from central government headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Carleton describes itself as Canada’s ‘capital university’ which is a huge privilege itself. Today the Carleton has grown into a huge and well-developed dynamic research and teaching institution with a tradition of anticipating and leading change. Today, the university sits on a big area of land which is more than 100 acres, located on a site between the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal, just a short distance from downtown Ottawa. The DLI Number of the university is O19332687812.

This is the incredibly best area where the university is located this location consists of the nation’s capital is home to over more than 130 embassies and high commissions from around the world, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are here and numerous museums are located here which makes this place a more recognized and highly visited place in the city . When it comes to ranking Carleton University is top 5 among comprehensive universities in Canada, top 10 for graduate employability, and top 10 in Canada for Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.


The biggest economic city with a large percentage of Canada’s major medical, clinical, and life science research centers are located in the Ottawa area which is a world-famous test center leading to many new medical innovations supporting life globally, as well as a growing technology industry with over 1,900 companies. The university is majorly providing the co-op options for the studies chosen by the students so that a practical experience can be given.

The majority of Carleton University programs feature work-study opportunities that allow students to gain full-time, paid employment related to their academic program.

The university campus has a separate department that represents student support which includes academic support, help with jobs and career, health and counseling, student life, athletics, and 300+ student-run clubs and societies. Students come from 140+ countries and have many opportunities to get involved in community-building activities both on and off-campus. The university also focuses to provides the best scholarships options to those students who are well Qualified and giving the university a high score ranking in academics so qualified applicants are automatically offered entrance scholarships ranging from $4,000 to $16,000 CAD over four years, and a place in one of Carleton’s on-campus residences which are considered as one of the best privileges that student can get.


The university life is very happening its campus life is enriched with activities and festivals as well, you can see the cultural diversity here. The University has countless health and wellness facilities and services to take advantage of, including a gym, fitness studio and centre, personal training, a bouldering wall and three outdoor fields. Students can join the Spartans varsity teams or participate in fun recreational activities and intramurals such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, multisport and flag football. The university also organizes shows in which they reveal the technologies which the university makes and presents to the community which helps betterment for communities.


Located on Algonquin territory between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River nearby downtown Ottawa, the Carleton University campus is stretched across 62 hectares. The campus houses more than 35 buildings that are linked to one another by 5 km of underground tunnels.

Address : Carleton University – Ottawa, Ontario | 75 Laurier Ave. E, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada


If you submitted a study permit application to Canada and you do not receive the required visa/permit to enter the country, your full tuition is eligible for refund/transfer except the application fee and less $200 CAD of an administration fee. If a student withdraws during the first ten days of classes and notifies the Dean of Students on the tenth day of class a 25% tuition fee will be refunded.


Carleton University is the top-ranked university in the world and to get admission in Bachelors Degree is the minimum level of education required is Class 12th with a min percentage of 75.0% or more.


  • IELTS Overall : 6.5 Band (Min Listening: 6.0, Min Reading: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0)
  • PTE Overall : 60 Score (Min Listening: 60, Min Reading: 60, Min Speaking: 60, Min Writing: 60)
  • TOEFL iBT Overall : 86 Score (Min Listening: 20.0, Min Reading: 20.0, Min Speaking: 22.0, Min Writing: 22.0)
  • Duolingo English Test Score : 115 Score


The Carleton University Operates for 5 working days per week & is closed on weekends and holidays. Total Study hours in a week for students is 24 hrs.


To study at University one must search for the available intakes for the program you have selected, so they mainly provide you two intakes in Sept 2022 & January 2023. For International applicants, both intakes are most recommended as this intake provides a good time for study drop.


The university has a huge program list once the applicant finalizes his/her program the applicant needs to pay the application fee, the Carleton University releases its offer letter within 20 working days for which the application will be $100 CAD (non-refundable).


The University of Carleton has placed in the 2022 international QS World University Rankings, Carleton ranked in the 601–650 range, and 21–22 in Canada.

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