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August 11, 2021

Red Deer College | Offer Letter, IELTS Requirement, Courses, Ranking

Established in the year 1964 in the well-developed part of Alberta, Canada, Red Deer College was started as a semi-Rural community but with time as decades passed the college has expanded greatly and become one of the most searched colleges in Canada, Alberta in the public College category with the DLI Number : O19391056880. The college is situated in a beautiful and vibrant province in Canada with the big Rocky Mountains to the west and the open prairies to the east. The college has achieved its name in the best academic and student support services. RDC’s programs are taught by special expert instructors with practical and applied learning opportunities that allow students to gain experiences for the real world under the college has a special focus on the class sizes that is to make a small batch so that individual focus can be given.

The college’s programs have a big variety of programs to challenge, inspire and prepare students for the future with college special support and high technology enriched services to their students. Program options include certificates, diplomas, university transfers, and degrees. Program length ranges from several months to four years, depending on the area and level of study to wanted study.


As we know that RDC is situated in Red Deer, which is Alberta’s fourth-largest city, halfway between the major centers of Calgary and Edmonton. The college’s aim is to become the largest central hub for research and education for central Alberta, which can be foreseen by today’s rate of college growth, this aim is to achieve in the coming year.

Learning is at the heart of RDC or you can say it’s a slogan of the college, its working from the years to give a strong foundation of learning. The College has always given the emphasis on the quality of education it is providing to their students with the majority of programs eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program post their students. The college focuses on the size of the class, hands-on learning, employability for graduates, modern high facilities to support student education in the best possible way, and best student services as in career counseling, academic support, and a fine library. If we take a look at college ranking the college has ranked in the top 10 colleges in Alberta in providing the best educational services.


It’s always a student fascination to know about the campus life of the college, so here we have the best college known for its best campus life, The RDC is known for the safest, high-quality life at campus especially for international students, The RDC is home to facilities such as the Arts Centre, an awe-inspiring venue where creativity comes to life the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre, once the most famous home of the Canada Winter Games; open grassy spaces, soccer fields, patios, trails; and classrooms, labs, and learning commons and many more. Here you can have the beautiful site seeing views at college to enjoy and to embrace God’s beautiful creation.


The college has three campuses; its main campus is in Boulevard and rest three campuses are in Alberta only Its all campuses promises you with the best academic journey at Canadian trail so its experience is a blend of academic excellence and opportunity with a rich variety of social and recreational activities and Canadian culture with a touch of mix cultures existing. They also promise excellence in the research field. So here you can choose your favorite campus for your Canadian studies.

  1. Main Campus: 100 College Boulevard, Red Deer, Alberta
  2. Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre, RDC’s Main Campus: 120 College Cir, Red Deer, AB T4N 0T7, Canada
  3. Downtown Campus Downtown Red Deer: 5009 50 Ave #1, Red Deer, AB T4N 4B2, Canada
  4. Welikoklad Event Centre, Downtown Red Deer: 4922 49 St, Red Deer, AB T4N 1V3, Canada


All those students wanted to apply for the refund must go through the policy of the college, the tuition fee will be refunded fully to the student whose study permit is refused only a $400 CAD cancellation fee will be charged. All refunds will be done via wire transfer or to the wire details where the tuition was paid.


For a 2 Year Undergraduate diploma & bachelor’s degree, a student must have a minimum level of education which is Grade 12th with min GPA of 60% or above.

English Proficiency Requirements:

  1. IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Listening: 5.5, Min Reading: 5.5, Min Speaking: 5.5, Min Writing: 5.5)
  2. PTE overall: 59 (Min Listening: 56, Min Reading: 56, Min Speaking: 56, Min Writing: 56)
  3. TOEFL iBT: 83
  4. Duolingo English Test Score: 115

For conditional admission, you are required to provide English proficiency scores:

  1. Min IELTS overall: 5
  2. Min TOEFL iBT: 35


The working days of RDC will be 4 days per week, which can give you an extra benefit to learn other things or to work for your living, so this study schedule facilitates you to do some extra work on yourself. The College is closed on weekends and holidays.


To study at RDC one must search for the available intakes for the program you have selected, so the college mainly provides you three major intakes January 2022/May 2022/Sept 2022. For International applicants, Sept intake is most recommendable as this intake provides most of the variety of Programs.


Once you chose your program and after submitting the application fee, the College releases its offer letter within 15 working days for which the application will be 150 CAD (non-refundable).


  1. College Diploma – Mechanical Engineering Technology – TUITION FEE – $17,600.00 CAD
  2. College Diploma – Early Learning and Child Care – TUITION FEE – $15,702.00 CAD
  3. College Diploma – Kinesiology and Sport Studies – TUITION FEE – $14,854.00 CAD
  4. English for Academic Purposes – TUITION FEE – $12,000.00 CAD
  5. College Diploma – Justice Studies – TUITION FEE – $17,600.00 CAD
  6. College Diploma – Electrical Engineering Technology – TUITION FEE – $18,102.00 CAD
  7. College Diploma – Visual Art – TUITION FEE – $20,612.00 CAD
  8. Academic Upgrading – TUITION FEE – $12,435.00 CAD
  9. College Certificate – Pre-Health Sciences – TUITION FEE – $11,223.00 CAD
  10. College Certificate – Management – TUITION FEE – $10,325.00 CAD
  11. Career Development Diploma – Software Development – TUITION FEE – $14,500.00 CAD
  12. College Diploma – Pharmacy Technician – TUITION FEE – $16,517.00 CAD
  13. College Diploma – Legal Assistant Diploma – TUITION FEE – $15,344.00 CAD
  14. College Certificate – Educational Assistant – TUITION FEE – $15,281.00 CAD
  15. College Certificate – Medical Laboratory Assistant – TUITION FEE – $12,705.00 CAD
  16. Career Development Diploma – Network Administration – TUITION FEE – $14,500.00 CAD
  17. College Certificate – Administrative Professional – TUITION FEE – $13,932.00 CAD
  18. College Diploma – Practical Nursing – TUITION FEE – $18,316.00 CAD
  19. College Certificate – Early Learning and Child Care – TUITION FEE – $14,380.00 CAD
  20. College Diploma – Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant – TUITION FEE – $17,325.00 CAD
  21. College Diploma – Business Administration – TUITION FEE – $14,893.00 CAD
  22. College Diploma – Social Work – TUITION FEE – $16,698.00 CAD

Bachelors Programs

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing – TUITION FEE – $16,718.00 CAD
  2. Bachelor of Arts – Sociology – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  3. Bachelor of Science – Atmospheric Sciences – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  4. Bachelor of Science – Chemistry – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  5. Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film, Theatre, and Live Entertainment – TUITION FEE – $21,012.00 CAD
  6. Bachelor of Science – Physics or Geophysics – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  7. Bachelor of Science – Pre-Medicine – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  8. Bachelor of Commerce – TUITION FEE – $15,277.00 CAD
  9. Bachelor of Science – Pre-Veterinary Medicine – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  10. Bachelor of Kinesiology and Sport Studies – TUITION FEE – $15,081.00 CAD
  11. Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  12. Bachelor of Science – Agricultural/Food Business Management – TUITION FEE – $16,312.00 CAD
  13. Bachelor of Arts – English – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  14. Bachelor of Science – Forestry – TUITION FEE – $16,312.00 CAD
  15. Bachelor of Arts – Political Science – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  16. Bachelor of Science – Nutrition and Food Sciences – TUITION FEE – $16,312.00 CAD
  17. Bachelor of Science – Biochemistry – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  18. Bachelor of Science – Environmental and Conservation Sciences – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  19. Bachelor of Science – Pre-Chiropractic – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  20. Bachelor of Science – Pre-Optometry – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  21. Bachelor of Education – TUITION FEE – $15,277.00 CAD
  22. Bachelor of Science – Psychology – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  23. Bachelor of Science – General – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  24. Bachelor of Arts – Communications – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  25. Bachelor of Science – Agriculture – TUITION FEE – $16,312.00 CAD
  26. Bachelor of Arts – History – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  27. Bachelor of Science – Human Ecology – TUITION FEE – $16,312.00 CAD
  28. Bachelor of Arts – Psychology – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  29. Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation and Visual Effects – TUITION FEE – $25,521.00 CAD
  30. Bachelor of Science – Biological Sciences – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  31. Bachelor of Science – Math or Statistics or Math and Economics – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  32. Bachelor of Science – Pre-Dentistry – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  33. Bachelor of Arts – General – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  34. Bachelor of Science – Pre-Pharmacy – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  35. Bachelor of Fine Arts – TUITION FEE – $20,612.00 CAD
  36. Bachelor of Science – Physiology – TUITION FEE – $18,254.00 CAD
  37. Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education Combined – TUITION FEE – $17,791.00 CAD
  38. Bachelor of Arts – Economics – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD
  39. Bachelor of Science – Engineering – TUITION FEE – $18,008.00 CAD
  40. Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy – TUITION FEE – $14,874.00 CAD


As per webometrics info, Red Deer College World’s rank is 8694, Continental Ranking is 2138, and Country ranking is 121.

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