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January 1, 2022

Ryerson University | Ranking, Courses, Tuition Fee, Acceptance Rate

Founded in the year 1948, Ryerson University is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario with the DLI Number: O19395677651. One of the most ranked universities for quality of education and well known for the royal campus, the Ryerson is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, Ryerson University is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada, the fourth largest city in North America.

The students have separate benefits of being at one of the most developed cities in the world, At Ryerson, the students can avail the chance to connect with leaders in culture, business, health care, or government because opportunities are abundant which is considered as one of the advantages that students receive while studying in Toronto.

The University strongly believes that education and experience go hand-in-hand by which the university gives special emphasis on practical learning of their students. The university has specially trained staff to make their students experts in their respective fields, what students learn in the classroom is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships and co-ops, or amplified through zone learning, specialized minors, and graduate programs.


When it comes location, the university has the best location which is located in the center of Toronto, Ryerson University is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, not far from Kensington Market, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Eaton Centre, and many other popular attractions. This city attracts great numbers of tourists every year.
The university also focuses on your fitness by which there are many ways to stay fit on campus, Students can enjoy various group fitness classes (such as dance or spin), join intramural sports or attend instructional classes. The Recreation and Athletic Centre (RAC) is fully equipped with a fitness centre, two gyms, a track, squash courts, and much more.

The university has a special Zone Learning technique which is a new experiential program that only Ryerson University is providing these zone programs are similar to a co-op program, Zone Learning allows students to apply the knowledge and skills they acquired in class to resolve real-world problems at/for various start-ups, projects, and ventures which is actually benefitting the students in a more efficient and effective way.


The university life is very happening its campus life is enriched with activities and festivals as well, you can see the cultural diversity here. The University has countless health and wellness facilities and services to take advantage of, including a gym, fitness studio and centre, personal training, a bouldering wall, and three outdoor fields. Students can join the Spartans varsity teams or participate in fun recreational activities and intramurals such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, multisport, and flag football. The university also organizes shows in which they reveal the technologies which the university makes and presents to the community which helps betterment for communities.


The university’s main campus is situated in Toronto, Ontario. The university’s central campus primarily lies within the Garden District of downtown Toronto. The campus is “interwoven” with the rest of the downtown core, with few entrance markers delineating the campus from the rest of the city.

Ryerson University – 350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 2K3, Canada


If you submitted an application for entry into Canada to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) at least 3 months prior to your program start date, and you do not receive the required visa/permit to enter the country, your full tuition is eligible for refund/transfer except the application fee and less $500 CAD of an administration fee, if you submit the required supporting documents at least 15 days or more before the course/program begins.


To get admission to Ryerson university’s bachelor’s program the minimum level of education required is Class 12th with min overall percentage of 70.0% or more.


  • IELTS Overall: 6.5 Band not less than 6.0
  • PTE Overall : 60 Score required (Writing min :60)
  • Duolingo English Test Score: 115 score or more
  • TOEFL iBT Overall : 83 Score not less than 20


Ryerson University Operates for 4 working days per week & is closed on weekends and holidays. For bachelor programs student needs to attend 22 hrs classes per week.


Basically, Canadian Universities offer 2 Intakes in a year and that is also the case with Ryerson University they mainly provide you two intakes: January 2022 & Sept 2022. For International applicants, both intakes are most recommended as this intake provides most of the suitable time for work.


The university has a huge program list once the applicant finalizes his/her program the applicant needs to pay the application fee, the University then releases its offer letter within 20 working days for which the application will be $150 CAD (non-refundable).


  1. Bachelor of Science – Computer Science (Optional Co-op) (SAB)- TUITION FEE – $28,666.00 CAD
  2. Bachelor of Science – Medical Physics (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  3. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Image Arts – Photography Studies- TUITION FEE – $29,069.00 CAD
  4. Bachelor of Commerce – Business Technology Management (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $33,298.00 CAD
  5. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Performance – Production- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  6. Bachelor of Arts – History- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  7. Bachelor of Arts – Sport Media- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  8. Bachelor of Arts – Psychology- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  9. Bachelor of Applied Science – Nutrition and Food- TUITION FEE – $28,926.00 CAD
  10. Bachelor of Arts – Language and Intercultural Relations- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  11. Bachelor of Journalism – Journalism- TUITION FEE – $29,274.00 CAD
  12. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) – Professional Music- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  13. Bachelor of Architectural Science – Architectural Science (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $33,213.00 CAD
  14. Ryerson ESL Foundation Program (1 Semester)- TUITION FEE – $15,192.00 CAD
  15. Bachelor of Engineering – Civil Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  16. Bachelor of Arts – English- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  17. Bachelor of Engineering – Industrial Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  18. Bachelor of Arts – Criminology (Honours)- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  19. Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  20. Bachelors of Arts – Geographic Analysis- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  21. Bachelor of Science – Financial Mathematics (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  22. Bachelor of Applied Science – Occupational Health and Safety (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,906.00 CAD
  23. Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Finance (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $33,296.00 CAD
  24. Bachelor of Interior Design- TUITION FEE – $29,417.00 CAD
  25. Bachelor of Commerce – Hospitality and Tourism Management (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $33,296.00 CAD
  26. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Performance – Dance- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  27. Bachelor of Fine Arts – New Media- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  28. Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  29. Bachelor of Arts – Sociology- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  30. Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning- TUITION FEE – $28,906.00 CAD
  31. Bachelor of Design – Fashion- TUITION FEE – $29,114.00 CAD
  32. Bachelor of Arts – Environment and Urban Sustainability- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  33. English Boost Program- TUITION FEE – $8,995.00 CAD
  34. Bachelor of Engineering – Biomedical Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  35. Undeclared Engineering – Entry Program- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  36. Bachelor of Engineering – Computer Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  37. Bachelor of Arts – Creative Industries- TUITION FEE – $29,124.00 CAD
  38. Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  39. Bachelor of Arts – Early Childhood Studies- TUITION FEE – $28,738.00 CAD
  40. Bachelor of Science – Chemistry (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  41. Bachelor of Arts – International Economics and Finance- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  42. Bachelor of Science – Mathematics and its Applications (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  43. Bachelor of Applied Science – Public Health (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,906.00 CAD
  44. Bachelor of Commerce – Business Management (Optional Co-op) (SBE)- TUITION FEE – $33,075.00 CAD
  45. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Performance – Acting- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  46. Bachelor of Commerce – Retail Management (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $33,296.00 CAD
  47. Bachelor of Arts – Professional Communication (Honours)- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  48. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media Production- TUITION FEE – $28,974.00 CAD
  49. Bachelor of Arts – Politics and Governance- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  50. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Arts and Contemporary Studies- TUITION FEE – $28,971.00 CAD
  51. Bachelor of Arts – Child and Youth Care- TUITION FEE – $28,906.00 CAD
  52. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Image Arts – Film Studies- TUITION FEE – $29,069.00 CAD
  53. Ryerson International University Foundation Program- TUITION FEE – $30,759.00 CAD
  54. Bachelor of Engineering – Aerospace Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  55. Bachelor of Social Work – Social Work- TUITION FEE – $28,906.00 CAD
  56. Bachelor of Engineering – Chemical Engineering (Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  57. Bachelor of Science – Undeclared- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  58. Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical Engineering (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $38,430.00 CAD
  59. Bachelor of Technology – Graphic Communications Management- TUITION FEE – $29,224.00 CAD
  60. Bachelor of Science – Biology (Optional Co-op)- TUITION FEE – $28,969.00 CAD
  61. Bachelor of Science – Nursing- TUITION FEE – $29,988.00 CAD


Ryerson University is ranked #933 in Best Global Universities. The university received this rank according to the performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence, the Ryerson University is ranked 801 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.3 stars.

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