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August 5, 2021

University of Fraser Valley – Intakes, Offer Letter, Programs & Fee Details

Established in the year 1974 and beautifully located in the Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the University of the Fraser Valley is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 15,000 students per year the university comes under the DLI Number: O19395299642.

The school has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope, and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh for International students, India. The University has a long-term vision to provide the best educational services to their students and to achieve the best name in undergraduate education in Canada leading the social, cultural, economic, and environmentally responsible development of the Fraser Valley.

University believes that is committed to being innovative, entrepreneurial, and accountable will give you desired results if you are success-oriented. The University of the Fraser Valley will measure its success by the achievements of its graduates and the development of the communities they serve.

Its small class sizes help students to be more focused and learn in a hands-on environment. The university offers more than 100 programs, including master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, majors, minors, and extended minors in more than 30 subject areas. The admission policies are flexible, and students can learn in a variety of ways: full-time, part-time, in-class, online which helps the students to get their class schedule according to their convenience. The University also provides programs that offer a cooperative education option, where students can combine study with professional tie, paid work experience. UFV’s give special attention on applied research that further provides students with many bright opportunities.


The University is known for its quality of education, every student has a dream to study at UFV, and here you can receive individual attention both inside and outside the classroom from academic instructors and counselors. Along with the happening journey at UFV, there are many ways to be get involved in the UFV extra Curriculum activities to enlighten your academic journey. Students can also reach out for assignment help, academic advice, and career guidance throughout their journey at UFV.

With an outstanding score of 96% satisfaction rate by its graduates, UFV is widely considered one of BC’s top universities. There are over 100 programs and 700 classes to choose from across a variety of faculties, including business, the sciences, media, arts, healthcare, and IT. If we go through the ranking of UFV one must take look at The University of the Fraser Valley is a known higher-education institution based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The position that UFV withstands among all other universities in and around Canada is depicted below:


Ranked 73 in the country by Webometrics
Ranked 5199 in the world ranking by Webometrics
Secured 922 in the continental ranking by Webometrics
Ranked 57 in Canada by UniRank
Ranked 1824 in the world by UniRank


As we all know that the British Columbia is Canada’s one of most beautiful Province, The beauty of the UFV location is just wonderful as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, dense forests, and countless hiking trails. The schools are also in contact to Metro Vancouver, the U.S. border, and the Abbotsford International Airport. Tight-Knit Community: There are many ways to get involved at UFV, whether that be through volunteer work, joining one of the many Cascades sports teams, or attending a cultural celebration or event held by one of the many student-run clubs.


The university has only a campus located at Abbotsford, British Columbia as this campus is a huge place to give educational services to thousands of its students. So by this you can imagine its capacity.

Address: University of Fraser Valley – 33844 King Rd, Abbotsford,BC V2S 7M8, Canada


To study at UFV one must search for the available intakes for the program you have selected, so the college’s mainly provides you three major intakes January 2022/May 2022/Sept 2022. For International applicants Sept intake is most recommendable as this intake provides most of the variety of Programs.


Once you chose your program and after submitting the application fee, the UFV releases its offer letter within 15 working days for which the application will be $150 CAD (non-refundable).



The minimum level of education required grade 12 with min GPA of 53.0% or more.

English Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Listening: 6.0, Min Reading: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0)
  • PTE overall: 61 (Min Writing: 60)
  • TOEFL iBT: 88 (Min Listening: 20.0, Min Reading: 20.0, Min Speaking: 20.0, Min Writing: 20.0)
  • Duolingo English Test Score: 110

For conditional admission, you are required to provide English proficiency scores:

  • Min TOEFL iBT: 71 (Min Listening: 16, Min Reading: 16, Min Speaking: 16, Min Writing: 16)
  • Min IELTS overall: 5.5 (Min Listening: 5, Min Reading: 5, Min Speaking: 5, Min Writing: 5)
  • Min Duolingo English Test Score: 90
  • Min PTE overall: 46 (Min Writing: 44)


The minimum level of education required is a 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree with min GPA of 73.0% or more.

English Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Listening: 6.0, Min Reading: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0)
  • PTE overall: 61 (Min Writing: 60)
  • TOEFL iBT: 88 (Min Listening: 20.0, Min Reading: 20.0, Min Speaking: 20.0, Min Writing: 20.0)
  • Duolingo English Test Score: 110

For the PG program university does NOT offer a conditional offer letter.


The University of Fraser Valley operates for 4 days per week & closed on weekends and holidays.


UFV is committed to serving its students around the world so the students whose study permit refund must go through the policy of the UFV, the tuition fee will be fully refunded minus $150 CAD which is non-refundable. If you are applying for the refund without a visa decision or any other reason then the deduction charges will be imposed around $1000 CAD according to your chosen program. All refunds will be done via wire transfer


Bachelors Program

  1. Bachelor of Integrated Studies (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  2. Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  3. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  4. Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  6. Bachelor of Science (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  7. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Natural Sciences) (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  8. Bachelor of Arts (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  9. Bachelor of Arts – Child and Youth Care – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  10. Bachelor of Business Administration – Agriculture Management – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  11. Bachelor of Kinesiology – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  12. Bachelor of Social Work – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  13. Bachelor of Media Arts (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  14. Bachelor of Arts – Adult Education- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  15. Bachelor of Arts – Global Development Studies- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  16. Bachelor of Business Administration – Aviation- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  17. Bachelor of Business Administration – Trades Management- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  18. Bachelor of Agricultural Science – Horticulture (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  19. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Optional Co-op) – TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD

PG & Masters Program

  1. Post-Baccalaureate Certificate – Data Analysis- TUITION FEE – $19,530.00 CAD
  2. Graduate Certificate – Migration and Citizenship- TUITION FEE – $12,000.00 CAD
  3. Graduate Certificate – Child Life and Community Health- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  4. Graduate Diploma – Migration and Citizenship- TUITION FEE – $24,000.00 CAD
  5. Master of Social Work (Advanced Entry)- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD
  6. Master of Social Work (Foundational Entry)- TUITION FEE – $19,290.00 CAD

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